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Programs for Practitioners

Effectiveness when supporting the success of others comes from being able to see the patterns of their behavior clearly, and from having the self-knowledge and presence to use oneself as an instrument of change.
For professional practitioners - coaches, organizational consultants, clinicians, social workers, social change agents and other advisors - we teach an optimistic approach to working with others.






The core of our approach is the Cape Cod Model©, which teaches how to perceive the system formed by any couple, small group or organization, and to employ a powerful method for creating change in that system based on appreciating and articulating what they are doing well. This shift in perspective transforms stuck situations, and dramatically increases the ability of practitioners to make a difference in a short period of time.

Applying the Cape Cod Model to Coaching

Learn the optimistic coaching techniques of the Cape Cod Model© through intensive practice and exploration of effective facilitation of change working one on one. For new or experienced coaches and therapists who are interested in developing their coaching skills. ICF certified for continuing education credit.
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Cape Cod Training Program

Learn a highly effective in-the-moment micro-intervention technique that enables you to be more effective in working one-on-one, in groups, and in organizational settings. You will learn to increase your impact and create positive change in all areas of life through applying these basic principles and practices. ICF certified for continuing education credit.
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Cape Cod Training Program, the Third Week: Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model


This new program is designed to deepen your understanding and practice of the Cape Cod Model.

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Coaching and Consulting with Teams: Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations

Through intensive practice working with actual client teams, learn to see group patterns and facilitate their effective process and growth. For experienced consultants who are graduates of the Cape Cod Training Program. ICF certified for continuing education credit.
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Coaching for Growth and Development: Blended Learning


Remote video + live-online sessions

We are happy to introduce a new opportunity to study GISC's coaching concepts remotely. Each blended-learning program consists of a two-hour video which includes didactic, discussion, exercises, and a coaching demo of the concepts presented, as well as handouts and assignments, plus a one-hour online follow-up session with GISC faculty.
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Competency Development Program for Coach Certification: Skills for High-Impact Coaching

Initial coach training program leading to GISC Coach Certification, preparing candidates for coaching careers, and qualifying them to apply for International Coach Federation (ICF) professional credentialing.
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Enhancing Your Intervention Skills: Workshop for Psychotherapists, Coaches, and Consultants


Revitalize your passion and excitement for your practice in this weekend workshop. In a supportive community we will work to further develop your ability to pay attention to yourself, your client(s), and the relationship between you. Learn to apply the Cape Cod Model© in your work and deepen your skills in using the model with couples, families, groups, and/or work teams. (Also offered in the UK.)

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Executive Personality Dynamics for Coaches

Increase your coaching effectiveness through a necessary understand of different personality dynamics and learn techniques of how to recognize and coach each more successfully. Learn how these behavior patterns can manifest differently in executives and how they both support and limit the individual's role.
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Facilitation Skills for Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, and Group Leaders


Facilitation skills are increasingly recognized as an essential competence for managers, leaders and others responsible for ensuring groups, teams and organizations successfully achieve their outcomes and objectives. In this program you will learn facilitation tools and techniques to increase the effectiveness of meetings and events, help with conflict resolution, increase participation and enable groups to make informed, quality decisions, and support an organization’s success.

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Finding Your Developmental Edge: Achieving Excellence

Focus directly on your individual interaction style and underlying assumptions. Increase your effectiveness through exploring your core competencies using a unique structured exploration process to connect who you are, what you do, and how you want to grow. For consultants, coaches, and other practitioners. ICF certified for continuing education credit.
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Healing Chronic Pain and Stress in Ourselves and With Our Clients:
A Mind-Body Coaching Approach (Live Online)


Mind-body coaching is an approach for addressing chronic pain, anxiety and/or stress relief. This course integrates Gestalt principles; mind-body traditions, personal coaching, and leading edge neuroscience to understand, heal, and decrease chronic pain and stress.

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Professional Development & Mentor-Coaching Groups for Coaches


GISC offers ongoing professional development and supervision groups for coaches in virtual and face-to-face groups. These groups meet monthly for 120 minute sessions.

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Skills for Influential Leadership


This workshop introduces GISC’s model of influential leadership and presents the interpersonal skills that build highly effective groups and organizations. The focus will be on developing self-awareness and personal impact, understanding the cycle of change and how to productively handle resistance to change, and practicing techniques of managing teams.

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Seeing and Describing Patterns in Client Systems:
Skills for High-Impact Interventions


This workshop will increase your ability to work with interactive patterns in dyads, couples, teams and families. You will improve your ability to identify those patterns and then to describe them in ways that are useful to your client. These skills are critical to working with pairs and groups and to working with the Cape Cod Model. Learn More



Working with the Body in Mind: Embodied Presence in Practice

Explore a variety of insights and techniques to connect the mind with the body, in ways useful for yourself and your clients. Using physical process and theater techniques learn to enhance your physical presence and impact. For all practitioners. (Also see the advanced program, Working with the Mind in the Body.)
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Working with Couples Using the Cape Cod Model: A Six-Week Intensive Couples Therapy Training from a Contemporary Gestalt Perspectice


The Cape Cod Model© (CCM©) is both an approach and a step-by-step technique for working with couples.

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Wrestling with Ethical Dilemmas

Go beyond the basic codes of ethics to explore the gray areas where values, individual case complexities, and personal interpretation produce dilemmas. Bring cases and share issues with peers and experienced faculty. For therapists, coaches, consultants and other advisors seeking ethical clarity.
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“Going through the program with both coach and client was invaluable and is already making a meaningful difference in the client’s transitions. The program had that rare combination of offering useful models and making them accessible and practical in real-life situations. I was amazed at how much we accomplished in three short days, and I’m even more amazed at how much I’m using the models back home. Bridget and Rob are accomplished consultants, interesting speakers, and warm human beings who offered great wisdom and tools while staying attuned to the group and accommodating our needs. I recommend this program without hesitation to coaches and leaders dealing with transition.”

Laurie Zuckerman
Zuckerman Consulting Group, Inc.

Attended GISC’s Leadership Transition program with her client.


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