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Effectiveness when supporting the success of others comes from being able to see the patterns of their behavior clearly, and from having the self-knowledge and presence to use oneself as an instrument of change.
For professional practitioners — coaches, organizational consultants, clinicians, social workers, social change agents and other advisors — we teach an optimistic approach to working with others.






The core of our approach is the Cape Cod Model, which teaches how to perceive the system formed by any couple, small group or organization, and to employ a powerful method for creating change in that system based on appreciating and articulating what they are doing well. This shift in perspective transforms stuck situations, and dramatically increases the ability of practitioners to make a difference in a short period of time.


GISC's Programs for Practioners are designed for professional practitioners such as:


Organizational Consultants


Human Resource Professionals


Social Workers

Social Change Agents

Our practitioner programs are also of value to managers, organizational leaders, business owners, and other professionals looking for advanced training in the use of self as an agent of change and growth.

“The Cape Cod Model gave me a coherent, simple framework, almost a new aesthetic, through which to understand human interactions. What I learned is a continued source of clarity about how we relate to each other.”

Vanessa Grajwer


"These wonderful programs would be of interest to people who want to make a real difference in the world. Who want to understand how to put in place their own change programs that make that kind of difference. The Gestalt approach fundamentally respects the individual and believes in the individual’s ability to change themselves. It is this element that makes this learning so applicable in today’s world with the challenges of ongoing change that we are all facing. The session leaders are seasoned practitioners who not only know what they are doing but also know how to help others understand it."

Ron Wiens, Partner
Totem Hill, Canada & UK

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