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GISC Certification
In a world where licensure and certification are becoming more and more important, we wish to help our students meet these demands while engaging in a profound learning experience. To that end, GISC now offers two distinct certification programs.

Continuing Education for Coaches!

Please visit our Continuing Education page to see a complete listing of International Coaching Federation (ICF) programs.


GISC's Competency Development Program for Coach Certification: Skills for High Impact Coaching, is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), and is designed for the person looking for training and professional credentialing as a coach.

It’s an all-inclusive program, offering intensive training, mentoring and practice over three sessions, resulting in a GISC Coach Certificate and qualifying participants to gain ICF certification as well.

Please visit the Competency Development Program for Coach Certification page here to learn more.

GISC’s Advanced Practice OD Consulting Certification, is designed for the experienced OD professional looking for a credential indicating advanced practice and study.

Available only to students with at least
five years’ experience in the field, it consists of a selection of required and elective GISC programs and an independent project conducted under the guidance of a faculty mentor.   A coaching concentration is available.

Please visit the Advanced Practice OD Consulting Certification page here
to learn more.

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“GISC's Competency Development Program
for Coach Certification is by far the most extraordinary professional development program in which I have ever participated. A multitude of elements combined to make this such a valuable program. The three that stand out for me include: the outstanding faculty, the comprehensive content and the exceptional structure that was employed to deliver the material. I've learned, retained and used more from this program than any other, both in growing my own businesses and those of my clients.”

Jennifer J. Gould
CEO, Reach Consulting

"After attending GISC, I pay more attention to the positive. I am more present when intervening with people in coaching and in groups. I spend much more time in trying
to make people 'aware' of what is going on. I introduced the Cape Cod Model and
the cycle of experience in my coaching and in my consultation with a workgroup who wants to improve the well being of their organization. The work group I work with is much more happy and more effective. Every meeting I have with them brings a new discovery for everyone. It is lot of fun. "

Yvon Boucher
Public Works & Government Service

"My attendance at several GISC workshops has widened my professional skill set, widened my circle of friends and associates, and widened the eyes of some of my colleagues when they noticed the very positive impact of my learning there."

William Palmer
William Palmer Consulting, Inc.



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