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Leadership in the 21st Century

A Unique Program for Senior Leaders

Constant change is a defining element of modern organizational life, requiring leaders who are flexible, adaptable, and skilled at working with people. Leaders depend on their team and co-workers to accomplish business goals, so it is essential that they know how to get the best from their colleagues.

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Leadership in the 21st Century  participants will:

  • Gain clarity about their individual leadership style and how it impacts others, promoting greater flexibility in the challenges they face.

  • Develop a practical and empowering approach to leading teams and other work groups, providing the means to harness the capabilities of all team members to deliver their goals.

  • Master skills of influencing others, both those they manage and those over whom they do not have direct authority, developing a wider range of approaches for a broad spectrum of situations.

  • Engender skills to use in daily work and interactions with colleagues as opportunities for ongoing learning and personal development.

  • Hone skills to manage conflict and resistance and use them as a force for change.

  • Enjoy intense periods of contact with other leaders from a broad variety of organizations, gaining exposure to diverse business issues, best practices, and people who challenge and expand traditional thinking.

As a result, sponsoring organizations achieve superior business results with less effort and more creativity, are better able to adapt and change course when needed and with less resistance, and make better use of their people.

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About the Program:
Leadership in the 21st Century:

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Board members and faculty Bridget Farrands and Paul Rookwood describe Leadership in the 21st Century

“Leadership in the 21st Century has been
a revelation to me. It is a life-changing
experience, really. What I like about the program is that whereas it talks to leadership, it is not only confined to business - it is leadership in all the facets of life - your family, your friends, your peers. For business I think it was amazing, it was over-whelming. The learning I got from the program is that the world is so full of possibilities. The way we look at the world limits us. We think there is a specific way of addressing things and that is the only way. This program brings some inspiration to say don’t limit yourself — think and consolidate on the positives. Negatives will always be there in any process, but don’t focus your attention on the negative, focus on the positive so that very little of your energy goes to the negative. For me that was powerful learning.”

Stadi Mngomezulu
Chief Financial Officer
National Treasury of South Africa

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